2009 Motopedagogy- AKMÖ

2015 Doula - Verein DiA

2017 PositiveBirth Course Leader

About me

My name is Rahel and I was born on the 30th of August 1985.


I'm originally from upper Austria but live in Vienna since 2004 and call this wonderful city my "home".

I'm creative, always in the process of questioning life and it's topics.

I love inspiring, motivating and empowering woman.

Faith in Jesus Christ gives me deep peace and trust in life.

Since 2006 I'm married to my wonderful husband and father of our two kids, Patrick.

I lost two children in early pregnancy (2011, 2014)

Both times I felt the sadness and the loss of my two children as very challenging and I

know about the different feelings that come with experiencing early child loss.


2012 and 2016 I gave birth to my living children Levin and Ava.

Both times I gave birth at home and totally enjoyed preparing for my birth and

giving birth to my children. 

The experience of my first birth with my son Levin made me feel so thankful,

empowered and full of joy.  

I always had the feeling, that the meaning of my name Rahel "mother sheep"

would have a purpose in my life.

In my work as a Doula and my positive birth courses I enjoy assisting new mothers

throughout their pregnancy and during birth.

My wish for every woman is,
that she feels secure and cherished giving birth at home,
in a birthing center or at the hospital.
I meet the needs of woman with empathy, encouraging words, mindful presence
and trust in the female body.